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Sep 092014

microsoft_Knight_shieldTime To Run Windows Update
Updates available for all currently supported operating systems.
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for September 2014

Adobe Updates
APSB14-21 Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player
Download Adobe Flash Player

Reader will be updated “during the week of September 15, 2014“.
Prenotification Security Advisory for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Google Chrome Updated
“The stable channel has been updated to 37.0.2062.120 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
This release contains an update for Adobe Flash as well as a number of other fixes.”
Download or update from within the program.

Sep 012014

nottopsecretTop Secret :wink:
Shhhh… Firefox 32 is officially released tomorrow. As usual sites are starting to post the links.
English(U.S.)(windows) is here. Other folks go here, right-click the appropriate file > copy url > paste url > replace 31 with 32 and go.

Social Networks Are Bad For You
Captain Obvious says: Evidence Grows That Online Social Networks Have Insidious Negative Effects
I tried the social networking thing. I just don’t get it.

Still Want Your Stuff In The Cloud?
oh my 8-O

LibreOffice 4.3.1 is out.

Aug 312014

intellogoHaswell- mEh
The new, fastest CPU’s are out. As usual it seems the best bang-for-buck is 2 notches down from the top. It seems most of the gamer/overclocker community are unimpressed with Haswell-E. As someone who is currently stuck on a 6+ year old Core 2 Quad I am absolutely salivating over this thing.

[H]ardOCP – Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5960X CPU & X99 Chipset
With these big CPU launches, the cold hard fact of the matter is that if you primarily use your PC for gaming and overclocking, the Haswell-E is not likely for you…The new Haswell-E processor is a great piece of engineering and technology from Intel. I am extremely happy to see that it did not let the marketing department run off at the mouth this time around as well. Most of Intel’s technology does better at the introduction without a plume of BS being pumped in from behind. However, the most of us would never see an advantage to using it on our normal daily desktops, especially for gaming.

Anandtech – The Intel Haswell-E CPU Review: Core i7-5960X, i7-5930K and i7-5820K Tested
The most promising member of the three CPUs launched today is the i7-5820K, as now the lowest end CPU for the extreme Intel platform has more cores than the highest member of the mainstream platform, the i7-4790K…Most people moving from a Sandy Bridge-E or Ivy Bridge-E will not see a day-to-day adjustment in the speed of their workflow on the new platform, and the real benefit will be for those that are CPU limited.

openSUSE And The Last Great KDE 4 Release
KDE 4.14 is now in the openSUSE Current KDE SC release repos.
KDE Announcement:
The KDE Community announces the latest major updates to KDE Applications delivering primarily improvements and bugfixes. Plasma Workspaces and the KDE Development Platform are frozen and receiving only long term support; those teams are focused on the transition to Plasma 5 and Frameworks 5.

Aug 312014

freeware baby!Site Stuff…
All the Freeware Machine articles have been updated:
The Windows 8 Freeware Machine
The Windows 7 Freeware Machine
The Freeware XP Machine
If you got a suggestion for these guides. let me know.

A Legend Moves On
Website owner/editor and Geek legend Anand Lal Shimpi is signing off.
Sad to see him go.
Update - Now we know why: Veteran Tech Journalist Anand Shimpi Headed to Apple

Beautiful Alien
The new Alienware Area 51 case looks awesome.

Aug 262014

nfl2Good Reads
Paul Thurrott – Putting the Win in Windows 9
Ars Technica System Guide: August 2014 (Re: Budget Box, Friends don’t let friends buy AMD CPU’s.) :wink:
Pressy Review: I Had No Clue Something Could Suck This Badly – “I’m going to keep this short and sweet: Pressy is the worst product I’ve ever reviewed. I generally find some redeeming quality about even the worst products, but Pressy doesn’t have one. It is, without question, complete garbage and a waste of money.

CCleaner Updated
Download it here. Release notes here.
***Pay attention during install. May attempt to install unwanted programs.

Google Chrome
Chrome has been updated to version 37.0.2062.94 for Windows, Linux, and those poor souls using Macs.
Download or update within the program.
Optionally you can install the now stable 64-bit version of Chrome. Just look for “Windows 64-bit” under the download button at the link above.
Read about it here: Chromium Blog: 64 bits of awesome: 64-bit Windows Support, now in Stable!

Site Stuff
I forgot to mention there was a fantastic contribution by an expert about the useplatformclock tweak.

The links for my music collection in the article Cataloging Your Music Collection have been updated:
Discogs page:
HTML page:
Starts here:

Reader Email
QWhen I have two folders open next to each other in 8.1 and I select a bunch of files from the left folder and I drag / drop them to the right folder, it copies the files. Is there any way that you know of to set the default Windows action to CUT these files? I never copy. According to two forum posts I made, the answer is no, but I don’t buy it.
To use move instead of copy, press and hold SHIFT key > click, hold, and drag files.
App to change default behavior:

Aug 242014

ra_bigx Not As Easy As It Looks
SpaceX found out that it ain’t easy trying be like NASA.

Looking Good
Neowin has gotten to a new look. Too bad their lead article is lame. Still, Neowin, You Look Marvelous!

God Speed Big X
Famed actor/director/producer Richard Attenborough passed away today.
A Bridge Too Far and The Great Escape are among my all-time favs.
Wikipedia – Richard Attenborough

Shame On You
The freeware screen recorder CamStudio now contains foistware and/or malware. It is even being discussed in their forums.
As of this writing, the old version at Major Geeks is still good. Version CamStudio_2.7_r316_setup.exe is what you are looking for. DO NOT update after installing.
The once great zip utility IZarc apparently is guilty of the same thing. I moved on to 7-Zip long ago.
I will be updating the freeware guides this week to reflect the change.

Acronis TI 2014 Update 3 build 6688. Log in to your account for the update.

Reader Email
Q: In windows 7 you showed us how to avoid the 100MB partition during a clean install using diskpart. Is this necessary to do in win 8/8.1? Could you still do the clean command and partition creation and format? Or is it better just to install it to an unallocated space?

My Answer:
Short answer is that you can use the same procedure you used for Windows 7.*
That little partition works a little different on Windows 8/8.1 than it did on Windows 7 and is usually larger than 100mb.
My advice:
1 – Before partitioning and installing, disconnect all drives except the drive you wish to install Windows on.
2 – If your computer uses UEFI instead of BIOS I highly suggest you use a blank drive and let Windows 8/8.1 handle the partitioning.
3 – If you are an advanced user see:
See TechNet – Hard Drives and Partitions Hard Drives and Partitions
Configure UEFI/GPT-Based Hard Drive Partitions
Sample: Configure UEFI/GPT-Based Hard Drive Partitions by Using Windows Setup
Sample: Configure UEFI/GPT-Based Hard Drive Partitions by Using Windows PE and DiskPart


Configure BIOS/MBR-Based Hard Drive Partitions
Sample: Configure BIOS/MBR-Based Hard Drive Partitions by Using Windows Setup
Sample: Configure BIOS/MBR-Based Hard Disk Partitions by Using Windows PE and DiskPart

DiskPart Commands

*I should note that I currently do not use UEFI on any of my computers.

Aug 172014

Q – Hi Eric I’m one of your long time readers and just thought i would let you know that UBCD4Win has be discontinued and just wondering if you had any new recommendations.

A – Yeah,the UBCD4Win was given up several years ago. I believe the creator had financial issues and sold the domain too.
You can grab the last image at Major Geeks:

As for an alternative, Hiren’s is good:

If you are looking for something more modern you’ll have to manually create one.
Usually this involves creating a WinPE disk and can be quite involved. See:

Q – Hello i was following your tweak guide for windows 7 and when i got to the regedit tweak i noticed that some of the entries weren’t in that particular folder mentioned for example:
do i just add them as a string or dword or do i just leave it alone? i also dont have an entrie for the 8.3 names and last access.
any help would be highly appreciated thank you

A – Yes, some entries need to be created.
Download the file below, edit it as you see fit, change the file extension from .txt to .reg, double-click to apply, reboot.

Q – As I understand it, power saver can help you get the most from a single battery charge on a laptop. High performance maximizes screen brightness and might increase PC performance so this would be bet for a laptop that is plugged in 24/7? So when would I want to used Balanced if unplugged = power saver and plugged in = high performance?
Also, where do keep your slider bars for “Adjust plan brightness” for each plan?” I didn’t see it in the guide. Mine are all the way up for all three plans for both plugged in and battery. Don’t think they should be.

A – As I said in the Windows 8.1 Tweak Guide, “I use all 3 plans: High Perf on the desktop, Balanced on a laptop, and Power saver on the laptop while traveling.” You can adjust (and save) these plans as you see fit.
As to display brightness. This is personal preference (and will change with age). Obviously, the brighter the display the more you will consume power.
For laptop that is on battery power I would recommend.
High Perf: From the lowest comfortable setting to Max.
Balanced: the lowest comfortable setting.
Power Saver: the lowest usable setting.

Aug 122014

deflep_logoSorry for the lack of updates. I went out of town for a few days.
One of the things I did was attend the Def Leppard / KISS concert in VA Beach.
I’ve put a few pics up in Dropbox if you’re interested.

Time To Run Windows Update
Updates available for all currently supported MS operating systems(and OneNote 2007 SP3).
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August 2014
As predicted, the updates for Windows 8.1 Update 2 were minimal.
See: August updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2

Adobe Updates
As usual Adobe has rolled out their updates on Patch Tuesday too:
APSB14-19 Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat
Download Adobe Reader or update from within the program (Help > Check for updates).
APSB14-18 Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player
Download Adobe Flash Player

Flashy Chrome
The Stable Channel has been updated to 36.0.1985.143 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Because Google Chrome has Flash embedded it gets updated when Flash does. This update also contains other security fixes.
Download or update from within the program.

Sysinternals Freeware Updates
System Monitor is a new program that monitors and logs system activity. I haven’t had time to check it out.
Autoruns 12.01
Coreinfo 3.3
Process Explorer 16.03

iTunes 11.3.1
Mp3tag v2.62
XBMC is now named Kodi

Site Stuff…
My nephew is off to college and needed a laptop. I gave him my Alienware so I’m back to my 6+ year old system. It’s been updated since that first article. See My Computers for the full specs.


Jul 252014

isheep Breaking News! – iSheep exposed

Microsoft Layoffs
Leo, Mary Jo, and Paul discuss the Microsoft layoffs among other things.
See also: Microsoft laid me off after 15 years of service. Life after Microsoft?

One Windows
ArsTechnica – Nadella’s “one operating system” ain’t new and won’t be one OS
Paul Thurrott – Microsoft Muddies the One Windows Waters
I’m not a fan of the direction Microsoft is headed.
Surprisingly this Apple fanboi has some good points related to this “One Windows” crap:
Microsoft still doesn’t get why the iPhone succeeded
You cannot be all things to all people Microsoft, stop it.

Windows 8.1 Update 2 rumored to be Aug. 12.

Interesting Links
Cool article and site:
Today I Found Out – A Japanese Soldier Who Continued Fighting WWII 29 Years After the Japanese Surrendered, Because He Didn’t Know

Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League

Give to a good cause:


Jul 162014

onedriveYour OneDrive just got bigger

New and existing personal OneDrive accounts will come with:
15 GB of free storage (up from 7 GB)
1 TB of additional OneDrive storage with an Office 365 Home/Personal/University subscription (up from 20 GB)
The option to buy additional storage at much lower prices, starting at 100 GB for $1.99 per month

Latest Software Releases
Google Chrome 36.0.1985.125 (Windows & Mac). Chrome for Android updated too.
AIMP v3.55 Build 1355
VirtualBox 4.3.14
Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 8

This dude NAILED IT! – Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits Cover Guitar HD) – Ao vivo São Paulo 2014

Jun 082014

washmonIt was a slow week tech wise as Computex was a yawner.

Wil Wheaton has a new show on Syfy.

The gang at Windows Weekly discussed the Windows start menu saga.

I went up to D.C. to visit (some of) the Smithsonian museums, the Washington Monument, and Mount Vernon. It was a great experience and one I would recommend.
On a Geek related note…
They are building a new museum and next to it was the dumpster pictured below.
The dumpster is for metal scrap but on first glance that is not what I saw :wink:

May 282014


WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues
This page exists only to help migrate existing data encrypted by TrueCrypt.
The development of TrueCrypt was ended in 5/2014 after Microsoft terminated support of Windows XP. Windows 8/7/Vista and later offer integrated support for encrypted disks and virtual disk images. Such integrated support is also available on other platforms (click here for more information). You should migrate any data encrypted by TrueCrypt to encrypted disks or virtual disk images supported on your platform.


May 282014

thXP Update Hack?

Registry Cleaners
Microsoft support policy for the use of registry cleaning utilities

However, serious issues can occur when you modify the registry incorrectly using these types of utilities. These issues might require users to reinstall the operating system due to instability.

10+ year old quote from me:

These programs may be of use to those who know what they are doing to fix problems. The problem is people use this for some sort of a performance tweak (which it isn’t) and then run into problems like Windows or programs becoming unresponsive or not working as expected.

New Middleware Technology Quadruples SSD Speed

Pricing and Details for Intel’s Devil’s Canyon and Unlocked Pentium Leaked Online
Intel Devil’s Canyon and Pentium 20th Anniversary Series CPUZ Shots Leaked – Specifications Confirmed

Good Reading
Everything Is Broken