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Mac Rant


   I just got another email (one of at least 2 dozen) from a Mac user who was "offended" by this statement in my MDK 9.0 review:

"Computer novice (aka people who think AOL is great or Mac users )- Not recommended."

First off, what part of the winky sign do you "highly sensitive" Mac people not understand???

   I understand you people are one mass inferiority complex but despite your whining insistence to the contrary, you are not more knowledgeable about computers than PC users. Some of you obviously don't even know what a is. In fact I would say that most are to scared or lazy to try XP or Linux. Why is it most of you have started your letters with, "I have been using computers for X numbers of years" like that makes you an expert? I know a number of people that can run circles around you and I on a computer that are under 16 years old.

  I don't care that "Jag-Wire" is running on top of BSD and that you can run some Linux apps on a Mac 'cause it's still a Mac. I also don't care that MS "stole" ideas from Apple 'cause they work on my PC! ROTFL. How 'bout them "apples"?! Oh, and I don't care about what Apple has done for computing in the past. What have you done for me lately? A little off topic, where did they come up with people for the switch ads? "I can't get the pictures off my camera" Take one hand off the bong and try it again genius. I swear MS hired those people.

  Lets get another thing straight, Macs haven't been faster than PC's at anything for quite some time. Do your own Google search. I'm tired of providing the proof. And yes, Google does work on a Mac. (oh no, another winky!)

  Some of you asked what I have against Mac so here goes the short list:

1 - It's too expensive. Even some of the eggheads that run academia are switching over to PC's because of the cost. Better still, some of those are switching to Linux! I can practically build 2 high-end PC's that will slaughter a Mac for what I can buy a high-end Mac for.

2 - The fact that I can't build one, at least not without using proprietary hardware means it's the ultimate in "closed source."

3 - Some Mac users are the most arrogant, condescending people I've ever seen. From the way they talk about other operating systems to the way they talk about their own. They say, "I use a Mac of course" like their something special. They aren't. They talk about their OS being elegant. Elegant??? An OS??? Fast, stable, and secure are all good ways to describe an OS but elegant??? Wussies

4 - Despite what S.J. thinks, Macs don't look good to most of us geeks. We do a much better job at making our cases look good than Apple ever will. (Remember when the big deal at one Mac show was that they rotated the Apple logo on their laptops? It was so pathetic it was funny!)

5 - When XP came out it was accused of being bloated and "Fisher Price" like, what does that make "Jag-Wire"? I can easily strip all those features from XP (and I have).

6 - Everyone in Hollywood seems to use them. Do I need a better reason?

7 - Did I mention it's too expensive???

  Of course if you want be to change my mind, have Apple send me the fastest thing they have and I'll give it a fair shake. Since I'm not wealthy I can't afford it on my own.

  And next time...learn to take a joke!


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