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Update, May, 2004

I'm looking at switching distros some time this summer. Maybe Red Hat or Suse, stay tuned.


My Linux articles are on hold for the time being. I was waiting for 9.2 to be released but when I found out there were 100's of megabytes worth of updates I nixed that idea. Now I'm waiting for 10.0 to go final AND be available somewhere besides the MandrakeStore. After my and 100's (1000's???) of others dealings with the MandrakeStore, I don't trust them.

Even though I am a member of the Mandrake Club I can't download the ISO's and what follows is my problem with Mandrake's distribution model:

At least 2/3's of the U.S. population that has internet access is still on dial-up. That leaves 1/3 that have so-called broadband. Out of that third some have download restrictions (and the number of people that will come under those restrictions is only growing). Me, I have no real broadband available. I'm on a pitiful satellite connection. Though technically listed as broadband, satellite uploads are pathetic and we come under a policy called FAP. There isn't any realistic way for a satellite user to download Mandrake's ISO's. Hell, I couldn't even download all the updates for 9.2.

My point is this: Mandrake's main distribution model is for people to download the ISO's. As the above info points out that model automatically forces at least 2/3's of potential users to look to the MandrakeStore for the product. If you hit some of the forums you'll see that the reputation of that store is, deservedly, beyond horrible (why is it I can't go into CompUSA, Best Buy, Staples etc... and buy Mandrake Linux?)

So, here I sit, waiting..............


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Places To Find Help

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The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux at - Thanks Marco!

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Unofficial Mandrake Sites

MandrakeUsers.Org - forums, tutorials, links



Mandrake RPM downloads

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Thac's RPMs for Mandrake


Other Good Linux Sites

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more coming soon...

GNU/Linux Media Player Roundup



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