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A Look At Mozilla For Windows Users - Page 3


Firefox 0.8



Firefox is Mozilla's "bleeding edge" browser only project. The bloat of the standard Mozilla browser is gone. You'll notice the "0.8" version number. This means they are still playing with it and indicates it isn't quite finished. However, many thousands of people are using Firefox 0.8 today as their main browser.


Installation was a click of a button. My favorites folder was automatically brought over from Internet Explorer. Firefox is much better looking than its big brother. Like its big brother, it features "tabbed browsing". You simply can't understand the usefulness of this feature until you have used it for a while.


(click on the thumbnail for a full-sized image)



My favorites folder was automatically brought over from Internet Explorer.



Like IE 6 you'll need to download some plug-ins from time to time. When you see a picture on a web page like the one below, simply click on it to go to the appropriate download page.


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