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Logitech's Cordless Keyboards and Mice Review

A closer look at the Duos


Cordless Navigator DuoCordless Elite Duo



The pictures above show everything included with each package.


Cordless Navigator DuoCordless Elite Duo
Navigator KeyboardElite Keyboard
Cordless Optical MouseCordless MouseMan Optical
Receiver and PS/2 adapterReceiver and PS/2 adapter
iTouch Software CDiTouch Software CD
4 AA Batteries4 AA Batteries
Setup GuideSetup Guide


These products are very similar. Both keyboards offer instant access buttons to web pages, email, instant messaging, web cam,  music, and applications. These features are fully customizable.  Both also have a "Zero-Degree Tilt" design, which means it is flat. For those who prefer a tilt, there are two retractable legs on the back to provide it. The Elite keyboard comes with 2 additional buttons and scroll wheel (far left edge of keyboard). The other obvious difference is the color, the Elite is black and the Navigator is white.

After 15 years of computing I still can't type. I can get about 5 fingers in on the action if I'm on a roll and as such the "feel" of the keyboard isn't so important to me. I will say that I can feel the quality and sturdiness of the keys. My wife can type however so I asked her thoughts after using the Navigator Keyboard. She said the keys "feel soft" but that she didn't get the mis-types she has gotten from other keyboards that "feel soft". My personal favorite thing about these keyboards is the fact that many of the Windows keyboard shortcuts are printed right on the keys!




If you have never used a cordless mouse or an optical mouse then using these mice will be a treat. Once you have used either of these mice you'll never want to use a standard mouse again. The mice both have an 800dpi optical sensor which Logitech says is twice as fast and accurate as a standard mouse. That's where the similarity ends. The Navigator uses the Cordless Optical Mouse which is a 3-button scroll mouse. It's smaller and is basically round. The Elite uses the Cordless MouseMan Optical which is a 4-button scroll mouse. It is larger than average and is contoured to fit the hand better. I guess you could describe it as "ergonomic". I  preferred the MouseMan because it felt more comfortable in my hand. After hours of use I didn't have "mouse hand" which is that slow pain that builds in the center of your hand after hours of mousing. The MouseMan was simply to big for my wife to use. At 5 feet tall her hands are just too small for the larger and heavier mouse. She was quite pleased with the Optical Mouse.


Optical Mouse (Navigator)                    MouseMan Optical (Elite)








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