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Aug 172011

[H]ardOCP has a review of what looks to be a pretty decent mid-range motherboard.
[H]ardOCP – ASUS P8P67 Pro New B3 Revision Motherboard Review.
I’m digging the new look of their site too!

While this is not a super-inexpensive board, it really is not set up to be. It has a very solid feature set, a deep and easy to use UEFI BIOS for enthusiasts, and as you see is no slouch when it comes to overclocking.

Jun 152011

New reader inspired article up:
Ditch Those CD’s! A Guide To Using USB Flash Drives
Page 1 – Article Intro, Flash Drive Booting, Advanced USB Drive Formatting
Page 2 – Install Windows 7 or Windows Vista From A USB Flash Drive
Page 3 – Install Windows XP From A USB Flash Drive
Page 4 – Install a Linux Operating From A USB Flash Drive or Boot from one or more Linux Live CD’s on a USB Flash Drive
Page 5 – Utility And Rescue Bootable USB Flash Drive
Page 6 – Portable Apps And USB Flash Drive PC Toolbox
Page 7 – What I Use & Other USB Info